Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sub styles of fashion within the gothic Subculture

Was trying to think of the substantially obvious different styles of dress in the Goth subculture today...and was suprised to be able to come up with so many. However, dressing people up for a shoot meant that I had to represent the clothing in a particular way. It was then that I realised that some goths will mix and match from different sub genres - though plenty will be particular to their group.

Because the subculture has been around for so long, it has had quite a period of time (30 years or so) to develop sub genres of style that exist within the general mileux. It has also been affected by regional variation. So you have an affect where a local variation on styles has occurred, and then passed on to other areas. So goth style is picked up by the Japanese, who then modify it to EGA, which then may go back to the west.

I like lists. So I've put here a list of the most obvious sub genres of style I could think of.

Romantic (which actually looked fairly Victorian, but probably enough differences to make it not so) - Me
Graver - gothy with raver influences.
Goth Lolita -
Victorian -
Elegant goth aristocrat
EBM Industrial/combatty look.
Early punk-goth look

We noted how the full on Cybergoth look is a bit rare these days. The Graver look is about (as its practical and looks good too), a little bit of goth lolita about, and Victorian you see, though it is a bit rare too.


Trava said...

Great work.

Ruki said...

I really like fishnets, and studs (but did those first come from the punk culture or goth?) and arm warmers/sleeves, from me wearing two of those three I'd say I'd implement some goth fashion.. :)

Anonymous said...

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