Saturday, August 8, 2009

Out there hoodies

Oooh - I'v been using Deviant art for a while for my photography - I just noticed there is a fashion section on there.

Anyway, these hoodies caught my eye. People don't do enough interesting things with hoodies, and even less people wear the crazy ones - well outside raves, bush doofs and clubs. Here's some interesting ones from Grapevinefires

Lady Ga Ga and Dolce and Gabbana

Bad me! I haven't been posting lately, then I do two in the space of two days.
This irregularity ain't good for a blog, methinks.

Mi compadre Danielle from Dolly Q spotted Lady Ga Ga's dalliance with metal couture and gave me a heads up on it.

Its a Dolce and Gabbana corset that was sent over especially to the US for Lady Ga Ga's latest clip.

Personally, I'm not really a Lady Ga Ga fan musicwise... hip hop/urban being one of the few areas of music I don't go, but I love how she plays with fashion in her profile, via the "House of Ga Ga" look.

I don't know how D & G made the corset, from what I 've heard about their previous corset, it could be chrome plated brass, so could be press formed, or if its a one off, it could be rolled out with an English Wheel.

This corset has been about a bit - another pic of it on the catwalk, with a Thiery Muegler metal couture piece on the left.

See the corset here in the "Papparazzi" clip -

Manuel Albarran

Manuel Arbarran is from Spain and is an astounding metal couture designer ( Metal Couture designers? - never quite sure to say jeweller or designer). I have read his stuff is being worn by Lady Ga Ga,.....great to see some edgey alt fashion metal couture designs getting some publicity.

I love his website - very dark and complements his designs very well.

I love the way some of his work fuses headwear with a necklace and mask.
He doesn't have a lot of details on what he is using, but looks like he is using thin stainless, silver, or what could be thin chrome plated brass. Seems to be a trait with metalworkers in fashion...don't give up the company secrets. Fair enough.

He's been doing metal Couture since 2000 at least, which makes him one of the older names in the very limited world of Metal Couture fashion, including some catwalk stuff, and design contribution for calendars.

Lots more amazing pics here: