Thursday, February 19, 2009



Now for someone who doesn't have any hair, I guess I'm on dangerous ground here.

When I was a young rude boy in the mid 1980's there didn't seem to be so many *types* of mohawks around. From memory, there was mainly your standard single fan, mohawk....and then just general spikey hair. There was a lot of gelled up hair. I remember punks not being able to afford gel or hair product, or it was considered decidedly non punkish.

There was a standard line between the sort of Mohawk that could be disguised so you could go to work and have a weekday "normal" career, and there was the Mohawk that was permanent and made it difficult to get jobs. The later ones were more respected, obviously.

Punks use to use all sorts of evil stuff to get mohawks to work. Soap, super glue...and even spray paint straight onto the hair.

Not sure if many punks still use this sorta stuff, got a feeling that they may be a bit more inclined to use standard hair product.

Mohawks are a bit more common these days, not just punks, but they have gone into the mainstream a bit, and also deathrockers can do some great mohawk styling.

The mohawk has gone a bit mainstreamy too, with watered down version used by celebrities such as David Beckham, Blink 182 and even Sean "P. Diddy" Combs . The hair style that's been associated with punk rock for more than a decade may be getting a cleaner image.

Punks didn't invent mohawks per se, the mohawk tribe (ie the tribe in the famous Novel "last of the mohicans") in the US used them and thats where the name comes from. Punks weren't even the first white guys to use 'em, the US Paratroopers had them and still maY (not sure).

But punks took the concept and ran with it.

Types of Mohawks?

The Bihawk - two fans down the side of the head - like two mohawks.

The Deathhawk - Gothy Deathrock mohawk.

The Bihawk with liberty spikes - Fans have spikes instead of continuous hair.

The Faux Mohawk or Fauxhawk. - You can convert this style back to normal hair pretty quick. The wimps version.