Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Viona 2

Ok, I have been writing this blog about my passion, alternative fashion, for about 2 years now.

And not once have I written about a designer or artist twice.
Until now.
I will call this the Viona rule. That is, I promise not to write about an artist or designer, on this blog, more than once.
Unless they are Viona Lelegems.

Everytime I think photography is just too hard, I have a look at her work and get reinvigorated.

Here's some more of her more recent work. She shoots, she designs and makes the outfits, and in my mind the work of the Auteur, someone that does it all, is oft going to have the edge on other stuff.
And she's a goth. And beautiful.
Ok, I'm gushing now, this is embarrassing.

All work (c) Viona Lelegems


Medieval influence on Alt fashion

Medieval goth

After just coming back from a medieval weekend near Sydney. Lots of medieval clothing, tents, crazy stuff.

I was wondering what medieval inspirations there are out there for alt fashion.
I think most of the medieval inspiritations end up in gothy clothing, both share a love for romance and the swishy long sleeves romantico goth is very close to some styles of medieval (or medjeval) fashion.
Found this site. Not great photo's, and the clothing doesn't really grab me.
But I thought is they got some good models and a good photographer, some of these outfits would be interesting. Particularly put together with some other more edgey fashion.

This place is called Anne Larochelle. They employ 17 people in Quebec.... medieval style clothing is bigger business than I thought.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nick Cave has a son - and he is a model

Didn't know this, but Nick Cave has a son Jethro, and he is turning into a successful model. To me, he doesn't look amazing, (hey but beauty is in the eye of the beholder) so I guess the surname may have helped him along.

Second generation goth? Not sure about that.

Lots more pics here, if you are interested.