Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A very nice journalist person the other day asked me for information about Corseteers in Australia, so I got thinking of who the major corset makers were in Australia at the moment.

While obviously not something thats worn everyday, interest in the corset has continued in a number of aspects fo society..everywhere from historical re-enactors, the goth subculture, Burlesque and other performers, fetish and the sex industry.

There appears to be a bit of interest in corsets from the non traditional corset buying market.
I was at a market with a corset selling designer, and there were plenty of women in their 30's - 40's shoing interest in getting corsets done for them...while the few goths that were there seemed non-plussed..possibly because they already had corsets.

So I guess two important things here. (1)There seems to be an interest in corsetry at the moment, and...(2)you should never be suprised when you sell alt fashion to the mainstream world.

Corsetry can be the flashy thing that can be worn to dazzle and give a stylish traditional look to what you are wearing...or asian look if you want to wear one in chinese silk, as well as something that can be simply worn underneath what you are wearing to give you form. While traditionally were made out of traditional materials, corsetry these days can be made out of leather, PVC, Satin, rubber(I have one made by GeoMythik made from Tyre Innertubes) as well as Metal (I make them out of metal).

Anyways, the big Corseteers in Australia at the moment, that I am aware of are (Alphabetically):

Asylum 7

Defence Mechanism

Gallery Serpentine

Lyris Design

Victorian Gothic

The very talented Mel, from GeoMythik(, traditionally has made cyberesque rubber corsets, but now has started using other materials in her corsets as well. Plus if you want Metal corsetry, try my label

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