Friday, October 5, 2007

Nadya Lev

I love Nadya Lev's photography......that's all

Plastik Wrap

I really like Plastik Wrap's designs. Having been around since 2000, these guys have been successful enough to open their own boutique. While they appear to be a fairly successful designer, some of their designs are really artistic, and quite sexy. They are keeping to their ideals and not aiming at the mass market.

They also put a lot of work into their website, promotions and photography. Apart from the obvious Cyber styling, they also have an alternate sci fi influence. Big points to being adventurous....would love to see it stocked locally. One of the main Canadian techno/cyber outfits.
And its made in Canada, not be sweatshops, so kudos to them.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



I find Mods and their attitude to fashion amazing. IN terms of subculture, and how they looked at fashion, they really had an attitude like no other. While Other subcultures chose to rebel through looking threatening, or different...or bizarre, Mods would spend exorbitant amounts of money on Suits. To a lot of mainstream people they looked very normal, and very well dressed.

The mod riots in 1964 were probably some of the biggest disturbances involving any subculture (except for maybe soccer skinhead violence). The interesting thing was that the Mods were so well dressed, that it caught people off guard, and they weren't expecting it.

Mods were all about fashion and looking sharp. A lot of mods were working class, and they ploughed their wages into getting suits made, and the latest mod fashion. And scooters.
In a lot of ways they have some parrallels to goth. A sense of arrogance, love of music, very much into style. The guys wore eyeliner as well...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Exo Electric anti physical assault jacket!!!!

I want one of these for getting a seat in the the crowded 8:01 Epping line carriages. 80,000 volts......

Researchers at MIT and Advanced Research Apparel have come up with a shocking new jacket design for women – literally.

Designed as an anti- assault device for women, this little black sports number carries an 80,000-volt, low amperage current just below the surface shell of the entire jacket.

Dubbed the “No-Contact Jacket”, this exo-electric armor protects the wearer by emitting a high voltage shock that interrupts a would-be assailant’s neurological impulses which control voluntary muscle movement. The attacker is thus temporarily “turned to jelly”.

Mercedes and Gen - House of Harlot designs

House of Harlot

I'm really not into Fetish.....

.....but I find the adventuressness of these guys pretty amazing. They work with Latex and appear regularly at the Venice Carnival (which I would love to go to).
IN Australia, Bella Rubber in Melbourne are working with rubber in an artistic couture sense, and Reactor Rubber in Sydney do as well... though they are fairly fetishist.

House of Harlot are quite getting into the visuals of their highly visual work, and are working on generating 3D background images to give their pics atmosphere.

First post for this Alternative Fashion Blog

First post.

This blog will be all about the wild world of Alternative Fashion.

Are you bored by blue denim?
Do you long for a hand bag that has big spikes?
Do you think that most fashion is incredibly boring?

Then you may be a fan of alt fashion.

As a professional researcher, owner of a jewellery label, and member of an organising committee for a fashion show, I plan to write about the world of alternative fashion on this blog.