Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Gothic Ruth - The Ruff in Goth Subcultural Fashion

Goth Ruff as part of a Goth Elizabethan inspired outfit, from Gala Nocturna 2010.

2 Ruffs on Victorian Goth Outfits. Wave Gothic Treffen 2009. (c) Rachael Black
Goth Victorian Inspired outfit, with Ruff. WGT 2010 (c) Rachael Black
Ruffs at Wave Gothic Treffen. WGT 2010 (c) Rachael Black

Continental European goths have taken to the ruff to some degree, as part of their overall interest in historical fashion and acoutrement. The ruff can be seen in the goth subcultural context in two places, at Gala Nocturna a ball held yearly in Belgium, and also at the large Gothic Wave Treffen Goth festival. In particular, at WGT, the Victorian Picnic is the main event where historical fashion is flaunted.

Worldwide, these are probably the two main focal points for elaborate and the most exquisite fashion in the goth subculture. Certain German, Belgian and Bulgarian goths focus on the historical fashion and strive to make their outfits and makeup as elaborate as possible. Its within these groups you will see such a strong focus on historical style, within the general milieux of goth subcultural fashion.

Goth subcultural fashion in this form is rareley seen in Australia, the US or the UK, though it is not unlike some of the focus on elaborate historical clothing, in particular the Victorian era, amongst some Japanese subcultures.

Viona Ielegems has a strong focus on historical goth fashion, and ruffs are sometimes seen as part of her work. She makes her own outfits and photographs as well.

Gala Nocturna - held yearly in Antwerp, Belgium

Wave Gothik Treffen held yearly in Leipzeig, Germany

WGT pics courtesy of Rachael Black (her blog is Fade to Black - the Art of Makeup )


Bickie said...

I really like the idea of appropriating bits and pieces of historical fashions for effect - I've got a couple of ruff projects in mind - one is a vampire ruff a la 'Bram Stokers' Dracula' in flesh and blood tones and the other is a more practical abstract wool number for keeping the throat warm. I wish Aus was a bit more Goth fashion forward, but the scene is in decline in Melbourne.

Alternative Fashion Blogger said...

Yes, the scene is in decline - but I have always been a glass half full sort of guy - life's what you make it.

Generally...people need to get out and put on big events and focus on fashion - I think to a degree, people will go to things if they are on...just no one puts them on.

In many countries (including Australia), there is probably a market for an extravagent historical goth themed event that doesn't exist. Not weekly or monthly, but something special held quarterly or yearly. Just my 2 c worth

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