Wednesday, October 3, 2007



I find Mods and their attitude to fashion amazing. IN terms of subculture, and how they looked at fashion, they really had an attitude like no other. While Other subcultures chose to rebel through looking threatening, or different...or bizarre, Mods would spend exorbitant amounts of money on Suits. To a lot of mainstream people they looked very normal, and very well dressed.

The mod riots in 1964 were probably some of the biggest disturbances involving any subculture (except for maybe soccer skinhead violence). The interesting thing was that the Mods were so well dressed, that it caught people off guard, and they weren't expecting it.

Mods were all about fashion and looking sharp. A lot of mods were working class, and they ploughed their wages into getting suits made, and the latest mod fashion. And scooters.
In a lot of ways they have some parrallels to goth. A sense of arrogance, love of music, very much into style. The guys wore eyeliner as well...

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