Sunday, August 5, 2012

Carpe Noctum Fashion Parade - Review

 Carpe Noctum is now the largest and most prominent alternative fashion show in Australia. Following Circa Nocturna going into hiatus, and the Under the Blue Moon festival finishing up in Sydney, Carpe Noctum is now the default major alt fashion event in the Australian Fashion calendar.
Apart from the obvious "there ain't no one else"... the prominence of the show is also indicated by its support from a number of interstate designers.

Carpe Noctum is new for 2012.... not part of a mainstream fashion show (like Worn Wild or Circa Nocturna), it is part of an Alternative Festival called the "Fiend Festival". Interestingly, as part of the larger festival event, on site in the same venue were bands and a large market. Many of the designers also were represented in the market, thus creating a nice synergy between the different aspects of the event. Certainly, many of the gothanistas /fashion alternatistas  that had seen the show took the opportunity to talk to their favourite designers at their market stalls.

I participated in the show with my own label, but was really impressed by the designers..the amount of work they put in, and the level of creativity for the outfits was very impressive. Most of the designers had been in previous shows, so there was certainly a body of experience that was applied to this show that made it quite professional. The designers certainly have matured, and the show benefitted from that.

Beserk Clothing (QLD)
Beserk are long standing supporters of the alt fashion events, having been in previous shows in Melbourne for at least 4 years. This is a very professional, successsful label and their work was edgey, sexy and rebellious. Rockabilly influences, with dark edges. At the same time, out of all the work, Beserk has a good grip on what sells and the outfits were more Pret a Porter than others.

Harpi (QLD)
Harpi's work is more edgey andsolidly subcultural. Gothic outfits, with may be a touch of military influence and industrial overtones. Lots of great use of pinstripes...and curves! Some Great designs, and in many ways different to previous ranges...was great to see her presence having jaunted down from Brisbane.


I personally really like LeLash's work. It had elements of goth/subcultural and industrial..much of it was ready to wear, in a subcultural context at least, and the modelling and makeup was very original and impressive. Interesting Sci fi influences (as were quite a few of the designers).

Assassinus (VIC)
This is my own metal couture and jewellery label, so I won't comment, except to say...I was happy!

Clockwork Butterfly (VIC)
Clockwork Butterfly was definitely one of the highlights of the show. The designers works with costume, and has indeed put on her own substantial shows. She has a very good grip on historical costume, though her work itself is steampunk, with a good solid grip on historical authenticity. The workmanship and sophistication of the work shown of the catwalk was pretty impressive.

DuskMoth designs (Vic)
DMD are longstanding veterans of the alt fashion scene, and have a well developed label now that is generally pretty known within the alt fashion community. They have an ear to the ground about what people like, and are quite goth in their tastes. They are often leaders in trends. Apart from their outfits, they also have a wide range of accoutrements. They put a big effort into their models and quite a few comments.

Elliven (VIC)
This label was probably one of three big talked about labels in the show. This was the  designer's, Surgical-Steel, first show....and he made a *very* impressive debut, with some very interesting, sophisticated and original designs. Steering away from some of the general trends in alt fashion Elliven pushed geometric designs, with artistic makeup and used models with presence. Very much the talk of the show, and people will be waiting with baited breath to see what they come up with next.

Miss Kittiness (VIC)
Miss Kittiness is a relative newcomber to the Alt fashion event scene, how arrives with gusto! From the looks of what was on the catwalk, her style was influenced by baroque, Victorian and Rococo..and very much in the vein of Loli fash. Will be interesting to see what she comes up wit in the future.

Petticoats & Gallantry (VIC)
This label is one of the darlings of the Lolita scene, and with good produces some great outfits that are clearly loved by that community. She is clearly a talented designer, and her the size of the range of designs and accoutrement was very impressive (she had a presence at the market, and the range of items she has was impressive. Some of my friends who are real fashionistas are quite the fan of her, and her designs and stage show was quite impressive.


Steph from Z entity (also the force behind one of Melbourne's most prominent alt fashion retail establishments, VNV Boutique) very much has outdone herself, with this year's work. Z Entity has been featuring in alt fash shows for probably 5 years now, and this would be her best show yet. A lot of work was put into the edgey, horror-dark themed designs...similiarly a lot of work was put into the models and the makeup...its was clear the amount of work had been put into the show. Interesting imaginative and somewhat sexy stuff for men and women, all ready to wear.

Zombified Cupcake Boutique (VIC) Alexa Traffic Rank for
Very cute somewhat 50's inspired, colourful, this designer was one of the new ones for the alt fashion scene, but certainly came with pinache and presence. A great show, colourful...and each model bearing cupcakes.

Overall....probably the only negative, and something that had been mentioned by designers, was that the show was a tad early in the day, and possibly could have been a bit less prices to get in...that said the shows were certainly well attended, considering. The show ran like clockwork, and it was certainly percieved as such.
I believe there will be another show next year, and would definitely recommend going as it is the primary catwalk event in the alternative fashion calendar.


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