Thursday, April 14, 2011

Contact! Contact Lenses in Rock Music and Subcultures

Amazingly, contact lenses go back to 1888, when they were made of glass. Plastic ones were invented in the 1930's.

Contact lenses have actually been employed in movies since the 50's and 60's, generally for use in science fiction or horror themed movies or programs. Children of the Dammned, made in 1963 featured an array of unearthly creepy kids with identical contact lenses - "beware the eyes that paralyse".

Pete Burns from Dead or Alive, ever willing to experiment with fashion and to take a chance, was quite possibly the first musician to wear contact lenses as part of his rock persona...this shot of him wearing them is from 1981.

Of course.... the man who made the contact lens one of his signature effects is Mr Manson. Manson started wearing contacts regularly as part of his rock persona, from the "Smells like Children" era, 1994 onwards. In particular, he was known for wearing a light coloured lens in one eye, and his other eye normal. For many years after 1994, publicly it was pretty rare he was seen without Contacts.

Wes Borland from Limp Biscuit was always seen wearing contact lenses, from his early days in the band. He adopted a fantastic element to his on stage persona, wearing not only contacts, but often elborate costume and makeup. It was quite at odds with the rest of the band who wore relatively everyday hip hop/metal clothes.

Recently Lady Gaga, in her continued search for something to give her an edgier element, has started wearing contacts. Generally, she wears larger black ones.

Contact lenses are worn by many elements of subculture. Contact lenses are common amongst goths, though possibly more so industrial than traditional goths, and certainly Mansonites.


Sarah said...

Taking Care of Colored Contact Lenses

Proper care of colored contact lenses used in Halloween and such other events is necessary since wearer are likely to use heavy makeup with glitters on both body and hair. Lenses should be cleaned according to eye specialist's advice, and they should not be worn for very long duration. Makeup elements like eye liners should be used carefully so that they don't pass beneath the contact lenses causing harm to eyes. Best way of cleaning the lenses is to use natural saline and avoiding mixture of contact lens solutions.

Last but not the least; sharing the lens with others could be potentially dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Vincent Davis said...

This kind of eye contacts gives rock stars that gothic kind of look, but it does look cool. Marilyn Manson uses contacts, and it has become a part of his persona as an artist.

retro glasses said...

YES! What Sarah said! I cannot tell you how many times I've given myself an eye infection because I didn't either wash my hands or wore my contacts too long...just take proper care of them!!

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